Thank you for visiting my speaking page.  

I have been speaking in Churches for the past decade from the pulpit and mostly from the small group arena.  I am a huge proponent of small groups everywhere! 

I love teaching and preaching! I can help you with your event by providing a keynote message, workshop messages, and training, or pulpit messages.

Please see the following non-inclusive list of topics and messages that I would love to present to your audience.


In my faith-building presentation, I take the audience on a ride of self-discovery that with the Holy Spirit, each of us as believers has the power to have incredible faith, no big expectations, for even faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains!

Leadership God’s Way

There are so many books and different methods of leadership out there.  Even in the church, there are so many different ideas of proper leadership.  Leadership God’s Way is a presentation that takes folks back to the basics with an example none other than Jesus.

Who’s your Jonathan?

Do you have a Jonathan in your life? What about as you grow, do you have a Nathan? In the Who’s your Jonathan, presentation, the life of David is brought full front not just to see the nice stories of bravery, valor, and success, but also His challenges, his failures, and redemption.  Sounds a lot like what we go through.  We can learn from David and the importance of having people in our lives who we can count on to keep us on the right path.