Where do you serve?

Ok, this is a short one.  Comment if you will.  The question is where do you serve? Where are you serving? The Gospel is clear.  When we were saved we were given gifts from the Holy Spirit.  These gifts are not for us to use for our own good. 

First off, let’s look at the number one thing. If we are saved, we have been gifted with eternal life.  That alone should motivate us to serve. More than just our salvation, the Holy Spirit has gifted us so that we can have the honor and opportunity to go beyond and serve in a particular role.

One of the most difficult areas to to find folks to serve is the nursery or preschool areas of the church.  Then there are the children and students.  And of course the senior’s of the church.  

How are you serving? Or maybe you are not serving.  

  1. Pray for the Lord to show you how He is looking for you to serve
  2. Seek counsel from leaders at your church
  3. Start this week.  You can find a way to serve that doesn’t take much effort or preparation at all, short term and long term.  Whatever you do, do it this week.  It doesn’t have to be weird.  Simply asking your pastor, “Is there something that the church needs done this week?” can lead to great opportunities.  

If you’d like, share in the comments below with what ways you are serving!

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