The Way we think about Faith is broken

That’s a bold statement.  It doesn’t apply everywhere or by everyone.  Think with me. 
How do you define Faith?
There are those who define faith like Star Wars Force.  Like there is a balance of good and evil.  As if there has to be an equal balance of good and evil.  
Maybe you look at Faith as a mystical power that connects us to God.  You may equate your level of faith, to your closeness to God. “If I could just have stronger faith, my relationship with God would be better.”
Follow me to put our Faith in ourselves and make it better to understand.  When we think about molding our faith, we usually put that with how often we prayer, how often we spend time in the Bible, and how often we look to God for help in our lives.
Check this.  Change the word..
How do you trust someone.  It doesn’t happen over night.  It takes time.  Not alone time, but time with the one who your are building trust in.  
It sounds easy, but takes work.  The more time you spend with God, the more trust or faith you will have in Him.  Time in the Word, Time in Prayer.  When you see His promises, and see His answer, your trust or faith builds up! 
Stop running around a mystical power thought and start building your faith in God the Father.  Spend time with Him everyday.  Read your Bible and Pray.  You’ll see your faith start building.  

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