The 3 steps I took to regular Bible Reading

By Michael Kelly

Bible Reading.  Whatever you call it, bible study, meditation, whatever you call it you know what it is and you know that you should probably doing it every day.  And if you are like most people, you feel bad because you aren’t reading the bible every day, or every week, or month or years.  
Let me let you know that God is not mad at you, or taking your name off His list.  However, He really wants you to come back to Him.  
Now when I mean my 3 steps to get regular Bible reading, I wish I could say that I read the bible every day, and not missing any day, but that’s not true.  What I mean by regular reading is that you know when you last read.  How many times have you picked up the Bible and remember when you last picked it up. 
I’m going to give you 3 steps to regular bible reading.  This might be every day, maybe every week day, or once a week, whatever regular means to you, this will help you maintain it.  
Start simple.  Don’t try to read from the front to back in 1 year if you haven’t read a whole book yet.  Start with one book.  Which ever you want to start with, start with it and finish it.  
Now if I may suggest, Start with John.  Read though the book of John.  Why do I recommend that? The best way to get started reading the Bible for the long road, is to fill up our faith.  The book of John is all about believing and living!  “Believe and Live!” That’s the cry of John.
Once I started reading John, I added the next step.  I added a Devotional book.  That added a deeper level of my faith.  Whether you pick up a 30 day devotional, or 6 months, or a 365 devotional, maybe even print, online, or in an app, start one.  You won’t look back.  It’s like having your own mentor for your faith.
The last thing that I added was memorizing scripture.  Keep in mind, these 3 steps took almost 6 months.  It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  Start with one verse.  Maybe study it for a month before you move on to another verse.  You can find memorizing plans online.  
Either way, getting in to a rhythm with our Bible reading take work and it’s worth the work.  See where you faith is after just 30 days of reading the bible.. When you see that your faith has grown, give God all the glory!

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